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Durable, Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance

Let the Light In

Choosing low-maintenance replacement windows that will improve the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home can be a challenge, but working with Mattea Construction makes finding quality replacement windows and skilled installation easier than ever. Built on a solid foundation of home construction dating back to the 1940s, our company has grown over the years to address virtually any home improvement need you might have – including precision installation of the industry’s best replacement windows.

Our replacement windows are:

  • Durable – With their vinyl frames, our windows hold up longer than traditional wood-framed windows. Our frames won’t crack, splinter, or require painting

  • Energy Efficient – Double-pane windows with low-E glass can help reduce heat  transfer into and out of your home. That means it will be easier to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer

  • Low Maintenance – Our replacement windows require little effort to keep clean. This is especially true for our Ultimate glass package with Neat® coated glass, which has a smooth, hydrophilic coating designed to shed water quickly. This glass package leads to fewer water spots and less dirt accumulation than hydrophobic glass

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In addition to providing you with information about windows, we can also tell you about our other exterior products, such as vinyl siding and roofing.

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