Vinyl Siding Installed on Homes in St. Louis, MO

Vinyl Siding St. Louis MOWhen it comes to vinyl siding, installation is best left in the hands of knowledgeable professionals, like those at Mattea Construction. As a leading home remodeling firm in St. Louis, Missouri, we have three generations of construction work to our name, including numerous home siding installation projects. Not only do we have the experience needed to properly install siding, but we also make it a point to only use the finest, most durable vinyl cladding from Alside, one of the most well-respected siding manufacturers in the business.

Our selection of Alside vinyl siding provides homeowners with a smart alternative to traditional wood siding. Consider all of the benefits it can provide:

  • Enhanced durability – Whereas wood siding is prone to rotting away or warping over time, vinyl options are designed to look beautiful and fit properly for years and years.
  • Low maintenance needs – Wood siding requires ongoing maintenance as well as regular replacement, but vinyl siding can be cleaned with just a quick wash, and it can hold up for a lifetime.
  • Built-in insulation – We offer Alside’s Prodigy line, which includes insulation in the siding panels themselves for increased energy efficiency. Compare this to wood siding, which may need a separate, extra layer of insulation.

For more information about the vinyl siding that we install throughout the St. Louis, MO, area, contact Mattea Construction today. We’ll be happy to go through the different options available to you and go into more detail about our installation process.