How to Choose From Among Vinyl Siding Contractors in St. Louis, MO & Beyond

Vinyl Siding ContractorsWhat should you be looking for in vinyl siding contractors? On the surface, it may seem like they are all the same, but some rise above the competition by offering superior products and services. If you live in or around St. Louis, Missouri, finding a company that will provide you with the finest siding, detail-oriented installation, and unbeatable service is as simple as turning to Mattea Construction. We are one of the leading vinyl siding installers in the area, and we offer products that can transform the appearance of your home while also providing numerous practical benefits, like insulating it from fluctuating external temperatures. Plus, thanks to its vinyl composition, you’ll never have to worry about your siding cracking, rotting, or warping with age, nor will you ever need to repaint it.

Beyond the actual products that we offer, there are many other reasons to choose Mattea Construction over other local vinyl siding contractors, including:

  • Experience – Our company has its roots in the late 1940s, when our grandfather began constructing homes for people in and around St. Louis.
  • Dedication to excellence – Because we want to ensure that our products will function properly long into the future, we take the time to install every plank of siding with the care it deserves.
  • Open communication – At any time, from your first phone call until long after installation is complete, you can contact us with any questions or concerns you have. In fact, you can speak with our company owner himself, if you like.

All of these advantages make us the obvious choice over other local vinyl siding contractors. Our commitment to performing outstanding work has earned us loyal clients, as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a grade that reflects our customers’ overall satisfaction with our services.

Contact Mattea Construction today to learn more about what makes us stand out from all the other vinyl siding contractors in the St. Louis, MO, area.