Siding Replacement Help for St. Louis, MO, Homeowners

Siding Replacement St. Louis MOSt. Louis, MO, homeowners consider siding replacement for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s a necessary investment to protect a home when siding is blown off by strong winds, or when the siding is determined to be faulty. Other times, it’s done to upgrade an older material before it deteriorates. In other cases still, homeowners decide to renovate the exterior of their homes before placing them on the market. No matter why homeowners are looking for siding replacement services, they can feel secure in their decision when they turn to Mattea Construction, the city’s premier siding installer.

Mattea Construction stands out from the other siding replacement companies in the area in several ways, not least of which is our use of outstandingly resilient materials. Our cladding is:

  • Designed to last – Thanks to its vinyl or fiber cement composition, our siding will never rot or deteriorate like traditional wood options do.
  • Resistant to high winds – When installed by our team of siding experts, our cladding is rated for wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.
  • Energy efficient – Each piece of siding has built-in insulation to help better control the heat transferred into and out of the home.
  • Eye-catching – We offer replacement siding in many colors, so homeowners can select the option that best flatters their home. Plus, vinyl and fiber cement siding options are easier to clean than wood, so maintaining a like-new appearance is even easier.

In addition to providing our customers with the finest home siding around, we also make the siding replacement experience as smooth as possible. Our installers work quickly to remove the existing siding from a home and replace it with speed and care, often finishing entire homes within a week. Plus, we take care to answer questions our customers have, and our company owner is always available to address any concerns.

Contact Mattea Construction today to learn more about the siding replacement services that we offer in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding suburbs.