Gutter Protection Options for St. Louis, MO, Residents

Gutter Protection St Louis MO

Gutter protection might not be the first home improvement project that a St. Louis, MO, homeowner thinks about, but it can certainly be one of the more useful. Anyone who has been forced to clean out the gutters of their home is well acquainted with the annoyance such a task causes. First, there is the issue of climbing up to the eaves of the home, a journey that can prove hazardous. Then, clearing the gutters out is often a tough task of itself. If such regular cleaning is neglected, however, debris can build up in the gutters, preventing water from flowing along the intended route, and possibly causing damage to the home. In an effort to avoid rotting soffit and fascia, protect your home’s foundation, and prevent mold growth without the ongoing need for gutter cleaning, you can turn to Mattea Construction, where we offer gutter protection options for residents of St. Louis and surrounding areas of Missouri.

Specifically, we offer installation of LeaFree systems, which are known for their hassle-free gutter protection. These gutter covers can benefit homeowners because they are:

  • Made of sturdy aluminum
  • Not distracting in appearance, thanks to the way they blend into the roof and disguise the gutters
  • Capable of keeping out birds and other pests, as well as all kinds of debris

In addition to the many advantages that the gutter protection products themselves provide, residents can also enjoy the perks of having one of the most experienced home improvement companies in the area on their side. Mattea Construction employs skillful installers who are experts in various home remodeling fields, and our local roots stretch back to the 1940s.

Contact Mattea Construction today to learn more about the gutter protection products that we install. You can also ask about the many other home improvement services that we offer for St. Louis, MO, residents.